US 380 Collin and Denton County

Collin County

TxDOT has completed the US 380 Collin County Feasibility Study. The Collin County study area has been separated into five independent project segments. In each of these segments, TxDOT has started the process to complete more in-depth environmental study, public involvement, and schematic design. The following are the five Collin County project areas being studied:

  • CSJ 0135-11-024: US 380 from West of CR 26 (Denton County line) to Coit Road
  • CSJ 0135-02-065 and 0135-03-053: US 380 from Coit Road to FM 1827
  • CSJ to be determined: Spur 399 from US 75 to US 380
  • CSJ 0135-04-036 and 0135-03-053: US 380 from FM 1827 to CR 560
  • CSJ 0135-05-028: US 380 from CR 560 to CR 699 (Hunt County line)

These projects will advance at different paces depending on the needs and availability of funding. As the projects move forward more information will be made available at For questions or comments, please contact:

Stephen Endres, P.E.

(214) 320-4469

Collin County Feasibility Study - Completed

Denton County

Denton County Feasibility Study